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Welcome to our online library of stories about Patient and Carer Experience.  The stories describe real experiences of the Australian Health system, reproduced with the permission of the contributors. Identifying information has been removed.

A “Patient Journey” refers to the process or progressive steps taken by a patient as they received health care. Journeys can be short and sharp, in the event of a one-off acute illness or surgical procedure; or protracted for people with a chronic illness that requires management over a period of years.

Patient and carer perceptions of the journey comprise the “Patient Experience”. Research from the NRC+ Picker says patients and carers value:

  • Access to Care
  • Respect for Patient values,preferences, and expressed needs
  • Coordination and integration of care
  • Information and education
  • Transition and continuity
  • Physical comfort
  • Emotional support and alleviation of fear and anxiety
  • Involvement of family and friends

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Patient Experience

Patient experience describes how the patient perceived their health care.

When patients and their carers describe the patient experience, they talk about what they saw, heard and felt; the emotions that arose for them as a result; and how this may have affected their decisions and actions throughout the journey.

The patient experience is shaped by many factors: the information at the patient’s disposal (particularly the information and advice given by health professionals); the way in which this information was delivered; the patient’s own choices and the role played by carers.

One of the most interesting things about patient experience is that it includes insights into what happens during the “gaps” between the episodes of clinical care - time spent waiting at home for an appointment or time spent recovering in a ward, for example. Strong perceptions of the health system are created during these gaps - and may be influenced by the quality and frequency of interactions between the patient, carer and health professionals.

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