Transitional Aged Care Model of Care


Transitional Aged Care is a program to address the needs of older people who, in the absence of the program, would require residential aged care.

 It is a time-limited (12 weeks) period of support and low intensity therapy in a residential or community setting.  It provides older people who have been assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) as eligible for admission to residential aged care with an opportunity to optimise their functional capacity and determine their appropriate long-term care requirements. 

Key to the model is the provision of a goal-oriented therapy program which aims to help patients achieve their goals in their own home environment or a home-like environment.  Support is provided for activities in which the patient is not fully independent.  Services are tailored according to each individual patient's requirements and are adjusted as the patient's function improves.

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  • To allow time for older people to complete their recovery and optimise their functional capacity in a non-hospital environment.
  • To allow the older person, their carer(s) and families to make th emost appropriate choice about their long-term care needs.
  • To reduce inappropriate extended hospital lengths of stay and minimise premature admission to residential aged care.

Entry Criteria

Older people who:

  • are in the process of making a decision about their long-term care options after a stay in hospital (older people who have already decided to enter residential aged care are not eligible).
  • at the completion of their acute/subacute hospital episode, have the capacity to benefit from a period of low-intensity therapy and who have been assessed by the ACAT team as eligible for at least low-level residential aged care.

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